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Storage and Data Management

Qual is a specialist IT company providing impartial advice and expertise on Storage and Data Management. We are an experienced, trusted partner for many Backup vendors, and offer businesses specialist resources to assess their data protection exposure to ensure complete protection.
You may think you have Storage and Data covered but does your current platform provide the most effective solution? Storage has come a long way and more and more customers are benefiting form the introduction of deduplication, compression or improved flexibility with tiered storage.

As small and medium-sized businesses experiencing high growth rates, capacity increases have a direct effect on backup and restore times as well as day to day management. What happens when you can no longer backup everything within the given window? Before you purchase more storage when was the last time you checked that all the data was work related or didn’t contain multiple copies? Are there alternatives to relying on tape for restoration?

What is effective Storage and Data Management?

In answering the question what is effective Storage and Data Management? An effective Storage and Data Management strategy refers to any activities designed to improve the way you retain, provision and protect your companies greatest asset. Specifically, these activities improve accessibility, reliability, integrity, and availability of your data and applications. Efficient Storage and Data management targets the root cause of a variety of common problems and ensures that anything stored is relevant, that data can be retrieved quickly and that budget is spent in the correct area rather than simply increasing capacity.

How Does effective Storage and Data management help you?

Many data & Storage problems experienced by customers are due to increasing average file sizes, more readily available access to image rich information and outdated storage technology. The most common of which include:
  • Spiralling Growth rates requiring regular capacity increases
  • Backup failures or limited backup windows
  • Complex environments requiring individual backup procedures for applications
  • No storage policies or ways in which to enforce them
  • Silo’s of information
  • No Restore Time objective (RTO) or Restore Point Objectives (RPO) in place
  • User error promoting data loss
  • Higher running and management cost associated with a dispersed environment

What are the Business Benefits of Storage and Data management?

With Storage and Data management in place, your company can experience a number of tangable business benefits leading to a long term reduction in costs and improved utilisation of resources. Your company can be protected against unplanned downtime, keeping employees productive. Consolidation reduces electricity and cooling costs as well as allowing IT technicians to manage more with less. Removing duplicate, old or non work related data can free up large amounts of capacity (30% to 50% is typical) and a flexible platform vastly improves time taken to provision new applications or systems.
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