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Backup & Restoration

Qual is a specialist IT company providing impartial advice and expertise on Backup and Restoration. We are an experienced, trusted partner for many Backup vendors, and offer businesses specialist resources to assess their data protection exposure to ensure complete protection.

What Is effective backup and restoration?

Effective Back and Restoration ensures that if data is lost due to a hardware malfunction or user error the business can quickly recover and allow users to continue to be productive.

With data being one of the most valuable assets to any company, it is imperative that business of all sizes have an effective way in which to recover information. In the past customers have focused on the process of backing up data on tape or disk without much consideration for the time taken.

What are the considerations for Backup and Restoration?

In these times of increased system complexity, limited budgets and higher levels of data growth it’s important for organisations to plan, backup and test restoration effectively. The following questions are important factors when choosing the most appropriate data protection policy:
  • Storage Capacity upgrades
  • Local and remote Data Storage solutions
  • SAN and NAS implementation and advice
  • Data Audits, Capacity Planning and Health Check Services
  • Backup and Replication solutions
  • Physical to virtual migration and system design
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Backup to Disk and Virtual Tape technology
  • Storage Resource Management
  • Information lifecycle Management
  • Archiving and Data Retention systems
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